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Switching your Microsoft subscription to Squalio is as easy as changing your mobile operator. Plus, you get the experts on Microsoft available as support and consultations, guaranteed best price and free gift -  GDPR training and certification for the whole of your team to make your business safe! Squalio is a certified Microsoft partner and trusted IT service provider in the Baltics who can help you manage all your business software in one place, provide local support, as well as consulting you and help you to install and set up the software. 

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Squalio product managers will help you to find the most suitable Microsoft plans for your business needs.

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Microsoft 365 Business Basics
  • Web Office apps

  • Business-class email

  • 1 TB of cloud storage

  • Teams chat, call and meet

  • Standard security

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Office 365 E3
  • Installed Office apps

  • Business-class email

  • 1TB of cloud storage

  • Teams chat, call and meet

  • Cross-platform instalation

  • Data loss prevention

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Windows 10 Pro

  • Complete Office suite

  • Business-class email

  • 1 TB of cloud storage

  • Teams chat, call and meet

  • Admin panel and security

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Office 365 E5

Office 365 E3 +​​

  • Advanced security & information protection

  • Data analytics and  visualization  - PowerBI Pro, MyAnalytics

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Office 365 E1
  • Web Office apps

  • Business-class email

  • 1TB of cloud storage

  • Teams chat, call and meet

  • Enterprise-grade visibility, control and protection

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Microsoft 365 E3
  • Windows 10 Enterprise

  • Full Office 365 package

  • Mobility + Security Suite

  • Advanced configurations for remote/virtual desktops

  • Hybrid cloud deployments

Why Squalio

Squalio is the No 1 IT and data services group in Baltics specializing in software licensing and software asset management services, as well as delivering progressive cloud solutions to customers in the industries tending towards secure and effective IT management.

We are No1
in software 

We are a highly-related licensing and IT service partner in the Baltics with an impressive team of professionals.

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We care about our customers 

We advise our clients on choosing the most appropriate solutions, training and the provision of day-to-day support.

We are diverse

We are a partner to 400+ manufacturers, so with us you get all the software service you need in one place!

Microsoft competences 

Microsoft Partner
Gold Cloud Productivity
Microsoft Partner
Microsoft Partner
Microsoft Partner
Gold Cloud Platform
Gold Collaboration and Content
Gold DevOps
Microsoft Partner
Microsoft Partner
Gold Data Analytics
Gold Application Development
Microsoft Partner
Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

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